Gas Water Heater Repairs in Las Vegas

Gas water heaters are quite popular in Las Vegas Nevada. If you are a home or business owner, you will likely require repair services at some point because water heaters typically get quite a workout in most homes and premises. That’s what we’re here for. However, there are several things you need to keep in mind when dealing with repairs to your gas water heater that could save you time and money.

Risk of gas leaks

The greatest danger with gas water heaters is the gas because if it is escapes before it is ignited, you risk an explosion. It is worth noting that the gas odor you are likely familiar with is actually added as a safety feature. As such, if you “smell gas”, then there is probably some gas build up where you are. You need to be very cautious and check to see that the gas is shut off.

Safety tips

If the problem persists or you are uncomfortable checking the gas yourself, then you need to leave the house immediately and contact a professional from a safe place. In addition, refrain from using any item that could cause a spark before you leave the house; this includes light switches, phones and any other electrical equipment. Give us a call and we will take care of the problem in as little time as possible.
Due to the explosive nature of natural gas, it is advisable to leave any gas water heater repair work to the professionals. Our contractors are capable of handling such situations because they are thoroughly familiar with safe working practices and how gas water heaters work.


Even so, it helps to have some idea of what the problem is as it could give you some piece of mind if the problem is not too serious. It could also help you have an intelligent conversation with the repair guy. Some of the most common problems that arise in gas water heaters include:
– No hot water: This may indicate a problem with the thermocouple or the gas valve
– Not enough hot water: The problem may be a defective thermostat, a clogged vent or flue, or the dip tube.
– Pilot does not light: The thermocouple or gas valve could be defective
– The water is too hot: A defective thermostat or gas valve is likely the problem
– Main burner does not stay lit: The thermocouple or gas valve may be at fault
– Slow recovery time: This may be cause by a vent that is partially or completely clogged.

Gas water heater repair services

If you are in need of repairs to your gas water heater and live in Las Vegas NV, we’re here for you 24 hours a day. Our professional plumbers will quickly assess your problem and let you know how much it will cost to have it fixed. Our estimates are provided at no cost and our price quotes are guaranteed. It is important to get your gas water heater repaired immediately to avoid further damage, so call us now on 702-727-8181.

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New Hot Water Heaters Going to Cost More


According to the Detroit Free Press new water heaters are going to cost you more but the government says it will save you money in the long run.

The federal government mandate to implement new energy-efficient water heaters goes into effect April 16, 2015. These new hot water heaters are designed to be more efficient. They will cost more to produce which will cost you more in the short term but the energy efficiency should save you money in the long term.

This energy savings will help reduce your carbon footprint and cost less to heat your water.

New water heaters will cost between 100 and $200 more than the older traditional models. This is roughly a 20% increase depending on the type and model.

Contractors are buying up all the older less expensive models and within 2 to 3 months supplies should be gone so if you are thinking about replacing your water heater the time is now before supplies run out.


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Commercial Water Heater Repairs in Las Vegas

Commercial water heaters are quite different from residential units, and therefore demand closer attention and greater care. This is why it is important for business owners to pay attention to their commercial units and ensure that any repairs are performed by professionals that know what they are doing. Our company performs commercial water heater repairs in Las Vegas, and in our experience, it helps when business owners understand the implications of having a commercial unit.

Residential vs. commercial water heaters

You cannot have a residential water heater installed at your place of work and then expect it to perform the same. There are major differences between residential and commercial water heaters that make it a lot more important to pay close attention to your commercial unit. For one, commercial units can be quite expensive and it is important to give them proper care so they can serve you for the longest time possible. If you require professional advice on the commercial water heater to choose for your business, give us a call today.

Heavier workload

One reason why commercial water heaters cost a lot more is that they are often much larger than residential units. This is because they are designed to support many more people than would be found in a single residence. Even if the building does not accommodate too many people, the plumbing will be used a lot more than in a typical home. As such, commercial water heaters are larger in order to hold more water and the materials used to construct them are heavier so they can handle heavier use. Selecting the right commercial water heater should be done based on your needs; call us for professional advice when selecting yours.

Complex systems

Another significant difference between domestic and commercial water heaters is that commercial units must be able to run higher temperatures. This is important because they need to keep greater amounts of water hot. They can usually be set to higher temperatures than your typical domestic water heater. In addition, commercial units require a lot of extra plumbing and piping to meet the hot water needs of a business.
As a result, commercial systems can be quite complex as a matter of necessity when compared to residential systems. This is why any commercial water heater repair work should be done by an experienced professional. Give us a call to receive services from the very best commercial water heater contractors in Las Vegas.


Depending on the type of commercial water heater in your premises, you might face serious hazards if you do not have your commercial water heater repair done immediately you notice a problem with your unit. We perform all types of commercial water heater repairs in Las Vegas professionally, and you can be sure you will not need further repair for a long time.

In case your water heater malfunctions, don’t just call any plumber – this could cost you a lot more in the long run if they don’t do it right. For guaranteed satisfaction, call us on 702-727-8181 for free estimates and a guaranteed price quote. We are a team of certified plumbers with a world of experience in commercial water heater repair and we will ensure the job is done right the first time.

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24 Hour Fast Emergency Hot Water Heater Repair Service

Most hot water emergencies occur at the worst possible times – not during office hours. This is why we offer 24-hour fast emergency water heater repair services and installation. It has become a vital resource for Las Vegas home and business owners. However, it is important to note that not all repair services offer their services around the clock, so in such an emergency, it is important to call a round-the-clock repair service. We offer 24-hour services, so when you call us, we will immediately let you know how long it will take us to get to you based on your location.

What to do during emergencies

When your water heater malfunctions or acts strange, the first thing you want to do is to minimize any potential risk or damage that could occur. For instance, a water heater that is overheating, performing unusually or making strange noises should never be allowed to keep running. The problem could worsen the longer you allow the water heater to keep running, and this could lead to leaking, flooding or worse. It is important to turn off the water heater even if one of our emergency water heater repair contractors is on the way.

Leaking and burst water heaters

Leaking hot water is a common emergency that could lead to a lot of damage if not handled quickly. We find that it helps when home and business owners understand what causes such leaks. Water heaters typically have a glass-lined storage tank. Natural minerals found in water calcify over time, creating deposits inside the tank. These deposits are responsible for the water leaks as they crack the glass lining of the tank. In addition, the expansion of water when it is heated could also be responsible for water heater leaks as this expansion creates stress on the glass lining, causing it to crack.

The early hours of the morning or late at night are the most common times for hot water heater tanks to leak or sometimes burst. This is as a result of the water pressure in the tank being highest at this time because the water is not in use. The first thing you need to do is immediately turn the breaker that operates the water heater off. If it is a gas heater, you also need to turn off the gas main and contact us immediately. You can also call us if you are unsure about what you need to do; an expert contractor will walk you through the emergency actions you need to take as you wait for one of our contractors to get to you.

Leaking gas

Leaking gas is an emergency requiring immediate repair, so if you smell gas, contact us immediately so the problem is handled appropriately. Our contractors are highly trained and experienced to deal with gas leaks from water heaters and will immediately identify the source of the problem and have it fixed in no time. However, while it is important to call a professional emergency gas repair service immediately, you also need to turn off the gas supply. This is done by shutting off the valve on the gas line that leads to the water heater. Remember to contact you gas supply company as well.

The following steps are crucial when you need to shut off your water heater during an emergency:

1) Turn off the gas or electricity: For the gas water heater, twist the dial on the thermostat from ON to OFF. For an electric water heater, switch the circuit breaker to OFF.

2) Turn off the water supply: Turn the water valve handle clockwise until it stops. You may also need to turn off the main water valve that serves the entire house if you notice the water keeps running.

3) Drain the water heater: You’ll need a hose that you will attach to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank, and then run the other end to a lower place so that hot water in the water heater can be drained without causing damage. Remember to open one of the hot water faucets in the house to allow air into the tank.

4) Open the relief valve: This can be done by flipping the handle so it sticks straight up or out, but be careful about the hot water as it could cause scalding.

When contacting a 24-hour water heater repair service, it is important to ask about their pricing. When you call us, you can be sure that our price quotes are guaranteed, and you will also receive free estimates. Getting your water heater repaired as soon as possible is important if you want to prevent a disaster or you want to avoid losing a lot of your hard-earned money. This is why we believe that any heating repair you need should be treated as urgent. Call us today on 702-727-8181 for all your water heater emergency repairs.


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Water Heater Repairs in Las Vegas – Fix Your Problems Now!

Do you live in Las Vegas and are experienced problems with your hot water? Are looking for a water heater repair company? Well you have found the right company and website. We have been helping Las Vegas homeowners for years repairing their hot water heaters.

We are “Las Vegas’s” hot water repair experts! We repair, install or replace all types of water heaters including gas or electric for residential homes and commercial businesses. We service all major brands and offer 24/7 emergency repair services. Our professional technicians are certified and licensed and can get to you quickly – 24/7. Our highly trained plumbers will diagnose your water heater issues, are equipped and trained to handle most situations that come their way and will quickly solve even the toughest of water heater problems. They work quickly and efficiently and will have your hot water repaired in no time at all doing the job right the first time.

Call Now 702-727-8181 to speak to a water heater repair expert

We provide: · fast and prompt service · water heater repairs, installation and replacement · 100% customer satisfaction guarantee · warranty on parts & labor · guaranteed price quote · free estimates. Some of the most common hot water problems are one of the following: 1. no hot water 2. inadequate amount of hot water 3. rusty colored water 4. have a obvious rotten egg smell 5. popping or a low rumbling noise 6. high-pitched whining 7. water leaking from around your hot water tank 8. a pilot light that temporarily goes out If you are experiencing one of the above issues it is highly recommended that you call a hot water repair company in Las Vegas using the number listed below.

Have a problem? Give us a call today. You nave nothing to loose: 702-727-8181

Did you know that newer water heaters are more energy efficient than older model? Installing a new energy-efficient water heater can save you money on your energy bill, and will provide you with warm water more quickly and efficiently. Also newer technology leaves a smaller carbon footprint so you will be helping the environment. The life expectancy of a standard water heater is approximately 8-12 years.

The life span depends on how often the water heater is used, what type of maintenance is done on the unit, and the make. If your hot water tank is past its life expectancy and you are not having any problems you might want to think about getting it replaced. If you wait too long and your hot water tank starts to leak you are going to have nothing but problems and headaches and it is going to cost you a lot of money to fix all the water damage. Standard water heaters come in various sizes.

If you have a big family and use a lot of hot water you might want to think about getting a bigger hot water tank. Also if you are consistently running out of hot water you might want to think about upgrading to a bigger tank. Our licensed plumbers will be able to recommend a size for your family and for your hot water needs. It is better to have a bigger tank so it will be a good investment to upgrade. Running out of hot water is another sign your hot water tank might be starting to fail.

Over time sediment and rust builds up in the bottom of your tank. This sediment and rust takes up space inside your tank making your hot water tank smaller.

If you are having problems with your hot water and are looking for a hot water heater repair company in Las Vegas you can’t go wrong calling us today: 702-727-8181

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Water Heaters in Las Vegas – Find The Right One

Buying the right water heater for your Las Vegas home or business is a crucial decision that will likely make your life easier or more difficult in the near future. You may be in the market for a new water heater for various reasons, the most likely being that the previous one needs to be replaced. Water heaters don’t last forever, so it helps to be prepared for the day you need to get a new one. There are different types of water heaters, and understanding how they work and the pros and cons of each should help you make an informed decision.


Water heaters can be grouped based on their fuel type, their function or their water storage capacity. The most common types based on these categories include:

– fuel type: gas, electric and solar heaters
– function: point of use and whole house heaters
– water storage capacity: tankless or tank heaters

Conventional water heaters

Conventional storage water heaters are some of the most popular types in Las Vegas. These include a storage tank that can hold between 20 and 80 gallons of water that can be heated through natural gas, propane, electricity or fuel oil. Today, many Las Vegas home and business owners are opting for gas as the most economical option for fuelling their water heaters. Heating water with electricity could cost you up to three times as much as you would spend when heating with gas.

You may want to switch to gas, but your home or business premises may not be equipped with natural gas, or you may not have a gas outlet near the water heater. It could be quite costly to add a gas line, but you may be able to save money if you have a gas stove or furnace and you opt to extend the gas line to power your gas water heater.

Tankless heaters

In demand-type or tankless water heaters in Las Vegas could help you cut your water-heating bill by up to 20 percent if you switch from a conventional tank water heater. This is because they eliminate the problem of wasted energy as a result of warmed water that remains unused in the tank (standby losses). Tankless heaters are usually located in a closet or under a sink where the hot water is used and they can be used to provide all the hot water needs in your home.

However, it is important to note that tankless models do not always reduce your energy use. For instance, if you have a large family and activities such as doing laundry, showering and washing dishes often take place simultaneously, a tankless heater may not be able to meet those demands. It is also worth noting that tankless models heated by electricity provide less hot water than those heated by gas.

Solar heaters

An even more economical way to fuel your water heater is using the heat from the sun. Solar water heaters are increasingly becoming popular in Las Vegas and around the world. The most common design are those that rely on pumps to transfer water from the collector to the storage tank. Alternative more passive solar water heaters rely on gravity as well the fact that hot fluids tend to rise for water circulation.

Installation decisions

Regardless of the type of water heater that you choose, its installation will affect its performance and ultimate lifespan significantly. You therefore need to work with a reliable plumber that will get the job done right the first time. A plumber that is able to do this must understand how different types of water heaters work so he can ensure that every functional part is working right. This means that in addition to qualification and certification, you also want to work with someone with sufficient experience in the installation of water heaters in Las Vegas.

If you live in Las Vegas and intend to install a new water heater, do not risk damaging your expensive new appliance by working with the wrong plumber. Our plumbers are certified, bonded and insured, and can install all types of water heaters in Las Vegas including gas, electric and commercial water heaters. We offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Call us today: 702-727-8181 to get your questions answered or a free estimate.


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Whаt іs а “tankless” water heater?

repairing a gas tankless water heater

These days, fuel costs аrе soaring, аnd people аrе worried аbоut thе environment. Тhе old-fashion water heaters hаvе thе problem оf hаvіng tо heat аnd kеер hot а large amount оf water. Оvеr time, thаt eats uр а lot оf energy, аnd thаt mеаns raising уоur electric оr gas bill. Тhаt іs whеrе electric tankless water heaters соmе іn. Тhеу аrе аlsо knоwn аs demand water heaters оr instantaneous water heaters; thеу оnlу provide hot water whеn іt іs needed. Аs а result, thеу usе muсh lеss energy which will save you money, will reduce your carbon footprint аnd thеу аrе muсh smaller thаn а conventional water heater.

Tankless water heaters аrе tankless bесаusе thеу heat thе water еасh time уоu turn оn thе hot water tap. Тhus thеу hаvе nо nееd оf а storage tank, аnd dо nоt lose heat. Whеn уоu turn оn thе hot water, water flows іntо thе unit, аnd іs heated – еіthеr bу аn electric heater, оr а gas оnе. Usuаllу, thе gas tankless water heaters produce hot water аt а slіghtlу higher rate thеn electric оnеs, but thе lаttеr hаs thе virtue оf versatility; уоu саn рut а small оnе іn јust аbоut аnу room оf уоur house. Ѕо, іf уоu wаnt tо рut а small tankless water heater іn уоur kitchen – sо уоu саn gеt thаt single cup оf coffee уоu nееd tо start thе day, уоu саn install іt rіght undеr а kitchen cabinet.

When lооkіng tо buy а tankless water heater, thе type оf fuel іs thе fіrst thing уоu wаnt tо consider; electric оr gas. Whеn іt соmеs tо аn electric model, уоu nееd tо bе aware оf іts voltage аnd amperage; аnd thеn check wіth аn electrician tо bе surе уоur hоmе саn handle іt. Wіth а gas tankless water heater, уоu nееd tо bе surе уоu hаvе thе rіght type оf gas – natural gas оr propane, аvаіlаblе bеfоrе installing thе unit. Аlsо, thе gas-types nееd tо bе vented, sо kеер thаt іn mind whеn deciding whеrе tо install thе unit.

Next, lооk аt whеrе уоu wаnt tо рut thе tankless water heaters іn уоur hоmе, аnd whаt sort оf demand thеу аrе going tо handle. А small unit undеr а kitchen cabinet саn bе fine fоr washing dishes, filling а cooking pot, оr making coffee оr tea. Νоw, іf уоu wаnt tо heat аll thе water fоr уоur bathroom, thаt іs going tо require а stіll larger unit. Іf уоu аrе going tо bе servicing аn entire hоmе, apartment оr condo, уоu will nееd а bigger heater. Νоrmаllу, уоu figure оut thе size оf thе tankless water heater bу counting uр thе number оf fixtures іn thе room / house thаt will nееd hot water. Check wіth а plumber tо gеt thе gallons реr minute fоr еасh fixture, аnd thеn thеу саn help уоu calculate thе total hot water demand.

Finally, уоu nееd tо lооk аt thе application fоr уоur tankless water heater; thаt іs, whаt dоеs іt nееd tо dо? Іs іt а Single Point Application – іt рrоvіdеs hot water fоr јust оnе fixture? Оr, mауbе уоu hаvе а room thаt іs vеrу fаr frоm thе main water heater, аnd thе water tеnds tо gеt pretty cold bу thе time іt gеts thеrе. Well, thеn уоu саn install а tankless water heater tо serve аs а booster. Оf course, thеrе іs аlsо thе whоlе house type, whісh іs rаthеr self-explanatory.

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